Frequently Asked Questions

What quality are the audio downloads?

All our audio downloads (Loops, One Shots, Vocals, Drum Hits etc) are 24-bit WAVs. All chopped perfectly and normalised.

What do i get when i buy a preset?

All synth presets (Serum and Massive currently) come with the preset file for the VST synth in question and the MIDI file used in the audio demo. A lot of the presets also come with the drum loop used in the demo as well or any additional loops used. Check the ‘Notes’ section to find out exactly what is contained in the download and to get a little bit more info about the preset itself.

What do i get in a Maschine Kit?

Maschine kits come with up to 16 wav samples and often some Massive presets. You will be able to load the kit into Maschine and will often have a range of pre-made patterns for you to dive into and do what you want with. Always check the notes section for Maschine kits to make sure they are compatible with your version of the Maschine software.

What is a Drum Stem?

A Drum Stem is a zip file with breakdowns of a single drum loop. You will get a ‘full’ version of the loop and then exports of different combinations of the hits used i.e. just the kick and snare, just the hats, just the percussion. This way you get much more flexibility than with a single, full drum loop.

What on earth is all this ‘following’ and ‘notifications’ about?

You can follow producers, sound designers and labels that you like and whenever they upload new content you get notified. This way you get to be one of the first people to grab the freshest sounds. You can also click on ‘Only Artists I Follow’ and see only sound by them. This is great for filtering down your likes as you find new people.

How does the referral system work?

On your referrals page you have a code which you can give out to anybody you like. When someone signs up with your code, you get credited with points valuing 50% of their first bill. So if they sign up for a Legend plan you get 50 points and if they sign up for a God plan you get 125 points. The person signing up also gets 50% extra points on their first month for signing up with your code so it’s a win win! You can refer as many people as you like. If you get a lot, you might even get access to special content before anyone else *wink wink*

Is membership free?

Yes! Membership on Luminari website is free! This entitles you to access to our Freebies list which contains a selection of amazing sounds that you can grab for free. The list gets updated a lot so be sure to check back often to get new sounds. You can also, of course upgrade to get access to our store of 10,000+ bits of premium content.

Are the sounds on Luminari royalty free?

Yes. Everything on Luminari is 100% royalty free meaning you can use them commercially without having to pay anything extra. So you can make tracks with the sounds and release them. You can use them in compositions for adverts and film, apps, anything as long as they are part of a piece of music and not being re-sold singularly.

How does the points system work?

Points are purchased as part of a monthly subscription ranging from £5 to £20 with points working out cheaper the higher your subscription. Once subscribed you can also buy top ups for the same value as your subscription. You points will be topped up monthly from when you first subscribe.

If you cancel your subscription, your points must be spent within 30 days of cancelation. If you run out of points before the end of the month, don’t worry. You can top up with one off point purchases as well so you will always be able to get what you need. Any unspent points roll over into the next month so if you don’t spend them all one month, then you just have more the next.

What if i want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time and your points will remain active until 30 days after you cancel. Downloads of previous purchases will remain active in your account forever.

I want to start selling my sounds on Luminari. I have what it takes to be the best! How can i make this happen?

Great! Head over to our Become A Seller page, sign up and off you go!